BigSur SkyPark

Fly, because you dream of flying.
Fly, because man is free only in dreams.
Fly, because dreams are not enough, they have to be brought into reality!
BigSur SkyPark, the right place to stop dreaming and start flying!

The earliest American pioneers based at Monterey called the Californian coast that stretched southwards BigSur (the great south). They used this Anglo-Spanish term to describe an unexplored and inaccessible area where local stories of myth and legend were based on wild and untamed nature.

BigSur SkyPark is actually named after Val di Sur, a valley that cuts deeply into the southern slopes of Monte Pizzocolo, and that runs up to the launch sites from which hang gliders and paragliders take to the sky.

The two locations are linked by their names, but also by the fact that in the BigSur SkyPark, in a way analogous to California’s BigSur, the meeting of land and water on the shores of Lake Garda creates evocative landscapes and atmospheres.