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sitodivoloBigSur SkyPark is part of the Parco Alto Garda (north Garda park), which covers over 38,000 hectares and includes the largest publicly-owned forest in Lombardy. As a result, the area is one of the most valuable nature resources in Italy. The landscape is remarkable in its variety, changing from the shoreline areas of Lake Garda with its cypresses, olive and citrus groves, to the mountain peaks a little further back, with fauna that includes Alpine ibex and chamois deer. In the air, you may even find yourself flying in company of a golden eagle.

Launch and landing sites

The launch sites are on the southern slopes of Mount Pizzocolo, at a location named Pirello.

Pirello south launch site:

1,160 m
Google-Earth coordinates 45°39′ 56″ N  10° 33′ 40″ E
suitable for all levels, hang gliders and paragliders

Pirello west launch site:

height 1,210 m
Google Earth coordinates 45°40’03”N 10°40’49”E
suitable for all levels, hang gliders and paragliders

Colomber landing field:

height 400 m
Google Earth coordinates 45°38′ 30″ N  10° 33’ 02″ E
efficiency required: 3.5
circuit: left-hand C.
easy for paragliders; for hang glider pilots with some experience (minimum 30 flights)

Montesei landing field:

height 370 m
Google Earth coordinates 45°37’58”N 10°35’55”E
efficiency required: 4.8
circuit: left-hand C
suitable for pilots of all levels, the landing field is very large

Toscolano beach landing:

height 63 m
Google Earth coordinates 45° 38′ 23″ N  10° 37“ 13″ E
efficiency required: 5
circuit: left-hand C with south wind, right-hand C with north wind
requires a good level of experience (minimum 100 flights)


Launch is possible with wind from south, east and west.
Launch is not possible with strong winds from the north.

N.B. the fact that the launch site faces south-east means that thermal soaring is possible from relatively early in the morning.

Flying difficulty:
This flying site is ideal for all levels, both hang gliders and paragliders.
Cross-country flights are possible:

Southwards: easy
Westwards: moderately difficult
Northwards and eastwards: difficult

N.B. from BigSur SkyPark, flights of over 150 km have been made in all directions.
Here, the most representative tops of the mountains of the area, photographed from the summit of Mount Pizzocolo

The weather conditions at BigSur SkyPark, constantly up-dated.

Web-cam looking towards Salò; on the right, in the background, is Monte Pizzocolo.

Our efficient shuttle service with two nine-seat Land Rover Defenders means that all you have to think about is your flight!

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