Flying school

Our flying school will enable you to learn this fantastic sport.

“Learning how to fly is like opening your eyes onto a new universe. It induces total involvement.”

If you want to be happy for a day, marry.

If you want to be happy for a year, have a child.

If you want to be happy for ever, learn how to fly.

“Flying should be, first and foremost, an experience of human interaction, and not just a sport. People who are looking for pure sport would be better off going to the gym.”

Our role is to introduce you to the experience of flight in the best possible way, with special attention to safety.
Flight is the most unnatural activity for a terrestrial biped. Our objective is to make it natural!

“Real sensitivity in flight is not something to do with thinking, but rather with perception.”

The course is held principally at weekends.

In the case of special requirements, lessons can be held on weekdays, or intensive courses can be provided on a series of consecutive days.

Enrolment is possible at any time. Courses can start at any time of year.

Basic hang gliding course

  • First stage – lessons at the practice slope (20 days, 5 hours per day). The price includes enrolment to AeCI (Italian Aero Club), medical examination, and the obligatory 8-month insurance policy
  • Second stage – dual flights, 30 mountain launches with instructions provided by radio by the instructor, enrolment for the state examination to obtain the VDS (sports flying) licence.

The following documents are required to take part in the course:

  1. Medical examination
  2. Special permit issued by the Questura (police station) in the municipality of residence

Hang gliding course for paraglider pilots:
Paraglider pilots who already have the VDS (sports flying) licence for paragliding can take the course to convert to hang gliding.

All the equipment required for the course is supplied by the school, up to the point at which the pupil is ready to make his or her first mountain launch.

For pilots who already hold a sports flying licence, the following services are provided:

  • refresher courses to recommence flying after a period of inactivity, and special theme courses: launch, landing.
  • advanced course: soaring, emergency landings (limited space, tailwind, uphill) and demonstrations of complex landing situations (spot landings, top  landing).
  • dual flying course.
  • course for flying with motorized harness (and similar systems).
  • theoretical and practical lesson for regulating and modifying hang glider sail configuration, applicable only to Icaro2000 models.
  • introduction to cross-country competition flying, competition strategy.
  • introduction to aerobatics, flying above water with rescue boat on hand.

Below, you will find a list of the various forms and documents regarding hang gliding and paragliding:

For paragliding courses, please click on this link:

We also recommend to read the entire FAQ section

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