The BigSur SkyPark provides the following services:

  • Shuttle service with two four-wheel drive Land Rovers, each with 9 seats.
  • Cross-country guide.
  • Hang glider storage.
  • AMaintenance and service for products by Icaro2000, Woody Valley, Brauniger, Flytec, Swedish Aerosport.
  • Flight tests for all Icaro2000 products.
  • Demonstrations of flying with the Mosquito (motorized hang glider harness) and the Pit-Trike.
  • Sale of used flying equipment.
  • Service and maintenance for hang gliders and harnesses.
  • Repacking emergency parachutes.
  • Flight equipment hire.
  • Hire and assembly of photographic equipment for remotely-controlled photography in flight.
  • Use of the pool at the landing field, restaurant service with a fabulously discounted lunch.

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